Oden & Associates offers expertise in general civil engineering design, permitting, and specification development. Design services are supported by in-house capabilities in GIS mapping. The firm can cost-effectively develop a base mapping system utilizing existing data and drawings and/or supplementing this information with collected field GPS information to ensure complete and accurate as-built system information with existing roadway and aerial photographic data from satellite imagery database sources. Typical general civil engineering services provided by Oden & Associates:

Private Development Site Plans
Water and Wastewater Construction Plans and Specifications
Public Works Projects Bidding Phase Services
Airport Improvements Construction Phase Services
Feasibility Studies Permitting Support Project Management
Paving, Grading, and Drainage Funding Support
Infrastructure Development and Rehabilitation

OA's team of motivated professionals and technical staff have successfully designed and administered the construction of transportation projects for over a decade. Our staff has designed countless miles of rural and urban roadway systems for County, Municipal and private sector clients. Whether it is a community's comprehensive road plan, a corridor study, the design of a new roadway or a new pedestrian thoroughfare, OA can make it happen in your community.

OA has gained a reputation for being one of the best in its true area of expertise, drainage and flood control projects. In addition to the numerous drainage and flood control infrastructure projects that have been completed by OA, our staff has authored and co-authored over 50 drainage reports, drainage master plans and drainage management plans. We routinely provide expert testimony in court cases pertaining to drainage and floodplain issues. Our staff has worked closely with FEMA on numerous LOMR and CLOMR requests to revise and better define FEMA designated floodplains on our clients' projects.

OA has worked with many small municipal and private sector clients in the development and improvement of water and wastewater utility infrastructure. We have designed countless miles of water distribution lines, sewer interceptors, and forced main lines. OA has also accomplished several sewer lift station projects, water storage facilities, and effluent reuse systems. In addition to water and wastewater related infrastructure projects, OA can also prepare your water or wastewater master plan documents, such as our recently completed Wastewater Master Plan for the City of Moriarty.
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